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Rocky Mountain Contractors brings more than 50 years of quality expertise to your project. Rocky Mountain Contractors provides the highest safety standards of the industry, superior value and timeliness throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Contact Rocky Mountain Contractors to find out more about our innovative, high-quality services.

As a subsidiary of MDU Construction Services Group, Inc., Rocky Mountain Contractors combines the tremendous resources of a national serivce provider with a business relationship that directly reflects our customer's needs.

Rocky Mountain Contractors provides construction and maintenance on a broad range of electric infrastructure. We have extensive expertise with transmission, distribution and substation facilities through 500 kV. We helped design and install the first 69 kV underground transmission on the Montana Power system. RMC has been providing quality service in the electrical industry since the 1960s. We have the training, men and equipment to employ live-line (both hot stick and rubber glove) work practices. From transmission work in rough country to distribution or substation work on industrial sites, RMC has the expertise to get the job done.

Our substation technicians are familiar with all phases of substation construction. Whether it is relay and equipment wiring or welding the aluminum conductor, RMC employs the very best. We have wired many different manufactures’ equipment such as Switzer, ABB, G.E., Virginia and Delta Star and installed Pascor, S&C, Unicor and Pacific type equipment. Our welders are AWS certified and use the Heli-Arc welding process to insure a smooth, corona free weld that expands and contracts equally with the conductor. Pride of craftsmanship is sure to show in the details of a substation.

Natural Gas and Propane
Need help with your pipes? Rocky Mountain Contractors is the only name you need to know. First of all, we have steel certified welders and all the necessary Mueller equipment. Our employees are O.Q. trained and are proficient in basically every type of fusion technique: electro-fusion, socket fusion, sidewall fusion and butt fusion. We specialize in the installation of half-inch to 8-inch plastic and steel pipe lines, both high and low pressure. We can meet your pipeline needs.

Rocky Mountain Contractors has installed thousands of miles of fiber optic cable. We have developed extensive experience with both overhead and underground fiber systems. From installing 400 miles of fiber and duct system across the Rocky Mountains to inside communications networks, we are a full solution provider in the data and communications area. RMC has provided Qwest installation and maintenance workforces for many years. We have the design and construction forces that have completed over tens of thousands of miles of design-build fiber projects.

Plowing and Boring
Rocky Mountain Contractors has more than 10 years of experience with directional boring and currently has more than seven directional boring machines. Bores up to 24 inches have been completed as well as bores crossing the Missouri, Clark, Fork and Blackfoot Rivers. RMC has cable plowing equipment to handle the smallest drops to the largest long haul cable laying projects. We have plowed thousands of miles in six states over the last 10 years.

Maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry is a top priority for the management team and crews of Rocky Mountain Contractors. We have a full time safety department providing ongoing safety training and regulatory compliance. There is no greater concern than the safety and welfare of our employees, clients, the public and the environment.